New York City-based Shir Warr (CSCS, AFFA, KBC, MadDog), is an internationally experienced martial arts and fitness coach, Everlast boxing instructor, certified strength and conditioning specialist, Kettlebell instructor and editor-in-chief / contributing writer for Better Human...Better Fighter Magazine – an online magazine providing educational and inspirational resources to athletes, fighters training for competition, and martial arts and fitness enthusiasts (

Born and raised in Israel, she served in the Israeli Defense Forces. She has trained with top schools of dance (the Royal Academy of Dance graduate) and martial arts (Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su Association) and holds a second degree in Kung-Fu. She represents major brands such as Everlast and Kettlebell Concepts, and makes appearances in fitness videos, TV spots, fitness commercials and martial arts exhibitions. In 2006 she won the gold medal in the regional Kung-Fu Championships (northeast USA). In 2017 she was awarded 3rd place in her first figure competition.

Shir currently teaches classes that she designed at several exclusive fitness facilities, and trains upcoming fighters privately. Her classes incorporate agility, plyometrics, strength and speed training as well as martial arts and boxing techniques, heavy bag and mitt work; long, choreographed combinations that challenge the mind as well as the body; military-style functional training that works the entire body, and much more (see class descriptions). She also gives one-on-one training sessions and personal and small group Kettlebell instruction.

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