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Ultimate Combat

An ultra-intense, high-energy cardio fight workout. A perfect blend of Kung-Fu, boxing and martial arts conditioning that'll whip you into shape, in both mind and body! The class is sectioned into a warm-up, basic techniques, a long fight choreography and a circuit to finish off on a high note.

Ultimate Knockout

A traditional western boxing class taught in the boxing ring and on the heavy bags. You will learn basic technique and movement, and work in traditional rounds with a partner (using the focus mitts) and on the heavy bags. Please bring you own handwraps and boxing gloves.

Ultimate Bootcamp

A hard core, military-style total body workout done outdoors. A perfect blend of strength, calisthenics and cadio that'll forge you into a soldier of steel! Using some equipment, a simple playground and whatever we can find in the park. Please bring water, lifting or bicycle gloves and a towel.

Ultimate Cuts

An intense total body sculpting workout – the sister of our outdoor bootcamp. A perfect blend of strength, calisthenics and cadio performed in sets using a stepping platform, free weights and gravity. You'll see results after taking the first class!

Ultimate Cycle

An advanced, exhilarating indoor cycling program that will dramatically improve your strength, your speed and your cardiovascular conditioning.

Ultimate Mama

If you have a new baby and have been cleared to exercise, this is your ticket to getting your body back while playing with your child! This program uses baby as weight, and the further along you are past birth, the heavier your baby, which means mom gets diesel! Please bring your baby, the carrier, a yoga mat and a towel, and of course – your diaper bag...!

Ultimate Rush

A high intensity circuit-based class, that combines strength, agility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance training. Your pulse will speed up, and the body will react as it would if you got a powerful rush of adrenalin. Participants burn anywhere from 600–1000 calories in a one-hour class: this means maximum results for people with busy schedules. Stations include hurdles, medicine balls, kettlebells, free weights, TRX straps, boxing, kickboxing and even monster truck tires! Each workout is different so you never get bored and never plateau.


Training with a coach gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself – your natural gifts, your limitations, and how to overcome them and turn them into advantages; This is where it's all about you. Our expert coaches will design customized programs that are specific to your fitness and athletic goals. We will help you build a healthy foundation of cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular endurance and strength that will continue to keep you at the peak of your performance.

To schedule an appointment or to add one of our signature classes to your schedule, please contact us at coach@betterhumanfitness. (and please let us know where you are located!)